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This is my Category gardening page.


[edit] Gardening ToDo

[edit] Unused categories

See also: Uncategorised Countries below
From Special:UnusedCategories as at 17 June 2010
  1. Category:Pages with todo

[edit] Wanted categories

From Special:WantedCategories as at 17 June 2010
  1. Category:Pages linking to documents in Hungarian ‎(2 members)
  2. Category:Pages with advice for avoiding patented ideas ‎(2 members)
  3. Category:Pages with open questions ‎(2 members)
  4. Category:Case law in the USA ‎(1 member)
  5. Category:East Texas District Court cases ‎(1 member)
  6. Category:MEPs ‎(1 member)
  7. Category:Organisation ‎(1 member)
  8. Category:Patent ‎(1 member)
  9. Category:Poland ‎(1 member)
  10. Category:Spain ‎(1 member)
  11. Category:Antitrust ‎(1 member)

[edit] Uncategorised categories

From Special:Uncategorizedcategories as at 17 June 2010


  1. Category:Argentina (unused)
  2. Category:Belgium (unused)
  3. Category:Brazil (unused)
  4. Category:Chile (single entry)
  5. Category:Cuba (single entry)
  6. Category:Ireland (unused)
  7. Category:Malaysia (unused)
  8. Category:New Zealand (unused)
  9. Category:South Africa (unused)
  10. Category:Switzerland (unused)
  11. Category:Uruguay (unused)
  12. Category:Venezuela (unused)


  1. Category:Pages linking to documents in Hebrew
  2. Category:Pages linking to documents in Polish

[edit] Uncategorised pages

From Special:Uncategorizedpages as at 20 June 2010
  1. How to avoid a specific software patent
  2. IBM and TurboHercules, 2010
  3. Independent invention defence
  4. London Protocol
  5. Patent non-aggression pacts
  6. Software patents in the financial sector
  7. Suggestions for ESP interviewees
  8. US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  9. Use software from 20 years ago
  10. Why getting software patents seems good


  1. Sandbox

[edit] Current tree

[edit] 2nd Level Categories

As present in the Category:Top level category as at 4 June 2010

[edit] Auto tree

See Special:CategoryTree

[edit] Manual tree

As maintained at Category tree

Updated 4 June 2010

  • Top level
    • 2nd level
      • 3rd level

[edit] Ideas for restyling the Category tree

[edit] Template navbar

Get hold of code sample and try out - no classes, so should work.

Needs, Go, Discuss, Edit links.

prototype code
<div style="text-align:right; font-size:90%; margin:0px; padding:0px;">
[[{{{1|template_doc}}}|g]] - 
[[Talk:{{{1|template_doc}}}|d]] - 
[http://en.swpat.org/wiki?title={{{1|foo}}}&action=edit e]

which gives:

g - d - e

Bugs to fix
  • font size in css
  • may need to set line spacing in css
  • tooltip legends in links
  • check Edit link format - how to handle web-safe non-text characters?

[edit] Navboxes

Collapsible navboxes would be cool, but only work for users with javascript enabled.


AIUI, although I may be missing something:


This one should start out collapsed:


And this one should start out expanded:

[edit] Collapsing table

Collapsible tables:

[edit] Ordinary wikitable

Not yet got any css in the site style sheet:

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