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Making leaflets

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Here is some info about making leaflets. Please add information, links to source code and source files that others can use as a starting point for making their own leaflets.


[edit] 3-panel A4

Tex and LaTeX are notoriously bad at producing this format.

  • Scribus [1]
  • LyX [2]
  • OpenOffice.org Draw [3]

[edit] White background

Possibly the only project that uses Tex/LaTeX for this type of flyer is NetBSD:

Here's one done in OpenOffice:

[edit] Glossy, borderless

Most home/office printers can't print right to the edge of pages, so you'll almost surely have to go to a print shop to make these.

Example of a nice looking leaflet: Open Rights Group "We Protect Your Bits"

[edit] Print shops

[edit] Belgium

  • flyer.be
  • theStuff.be
  • copyrush.be

There's one that's open on Sundays. Don't know the name but the address is (approximately) 41 Boulevard Général Jacques, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels.

[edit] Other information materials

This video is good:

[edit] Related pages on en.swpat.org

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