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Apple v. Samsung preliminary injunction by Dutch court on 24 August 2011

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This is one of the cases from the Samsung v. Apple lawsuits worldwide overview.


[edit] Dutch court somewhat upholds software patent?


This ruling is only a "preliminary injunction", the result of request for a fast decision, so it carries a little less weight in terms of creating case law.

A Dutch court ruled that Apple's patent EP2,059,868, on "method of scrolling", was violated by Samsung.

[edit] Summary

  • Apple accused Samsung of violating three patents:
    • EP2,059,868 - The judge ruled that Samsung violated this patent (with the S and SII Galaxy Tabs, but not the 10.1)
    • EP1,964,022 - Invalidated by the judge
    • EP2,098,948 - The judge ruled that Samsung didn't violate this patent

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