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November 2014: About Microsoft’s patent licence for .NET core

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[edit] Proposed main noticebox

Adds a Hot topics banner.

==Do collapsible navboxes work?==

This one should start out collapsed:


And this one should start out expanded:

Overview pages

[edit] Notice box templates

These are my working notes. Feel free to help out!

Tip: to center a narrow box, use:

 <div style="margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;"> ... </div>

[edit] List of Notice Box templates by function

Requests for help with content

General information

Warnings and cautions

Complex boxes

[edit] New house style mechanism

(Discussion moved to talk page.)

Create separate house styles for each functional group. Each house style to be implemented as a template, thus ensuring consistency across notices.

The basic system uses only boilerplate formatting/styling and a sub-template for content.

Oops, problem. Some notices are right aligned, others centered. Can this be shoehorned into the simple model? At present only Template:Please help causes a problem: all other helpus and info boxes are right-aligned and all warnings are centered. But things may get more complicated in due course. Maybe distinct templates for right or center is a good option? It is hard to see how anything else can work easily. But - how to use the same house style for colour etc. in both templates? A separate CSS page is the "correct" way, but is it overkill? Um.

[edit] Invocation

Invocations take the form:



  • "Template:Boxtype" is the template for the type of box - info, request, etc.
  • "Template:Content" is the template for the content.

[edit] Box styles

There will be three box style types:

[edit] Category listing

The new/updated templates are added to (i.e. listed in) Category:Notice boxes.

[edit] Highlight box

Template:Highlight box is a special case. It forms a middle layer and comprise something based on:

<div style="outer stuff">{{Infobox|Recentlyupdated}} {{Helpusbox|Helpimprove}}</div>

[edit] Maintained templates

These templates have volatile content and require manual updating as the situation changes.

[edit] Template:Alerts

[edit] Template:Country-region-todo

New Infobox invocation:

[edit] Template:Discuss-header

New Helpusbox invocation:

[edit] Template:Highlight box

news feed

[edit] Generic templates

These templates are steady-state and do not contain any current/changing information.

[edit] Template:Delete

Deletion candidate
This article has been marked for deletion because (no reason given). If you think it should be kept, please respond on the article's talk page.

[edit] Template:No-insults


[edit] Template:Please help

Please help
(no reason given). Please answer or fix this if you can. When done, please remove this notice.

[edit] Template:Stub

This article is a stub. You can help en.swpat.org by adding to it.

[edit] Template:kept-protected

Long term protected
Because of a previous spam problem, this page is locked against editing by anonymous "IP" visitors. To edit it, you will first need to create a user account and log in. We apologise for any difficulties this may cause.

To find interesting pages on en.swpat.org, try:

[edit] Broken templates

These templates depend on stuff which has not been installed. They should be either fixed or deleted, but which?

[edit] Template:Citation/core

Needs ParserFunctions extension and various other templates.

[edit] Template:Cite web

Needs ParserFunctions extension and various other templates.

[edit] Template:Pp-template

Needs Template:pp-meta and Template:Documentation (maybe other stuff too?).

[edit] Template:See also

Needs ParserFunctions extension and Template:Documentation.

[edit] Superfluous templates

These templates are not needed and can be deleted.

[edit] Template:Testtest

Users should test stuff in the sandbox or their own user space (you can transclude any page, it doesn't need to be in the Template namespace).

[edit] Template:Noticebox

Now a candidate for deletion.