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November 2014: About Microsoft’s patent licence for .NET core

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Revision history of "US GAO 2013 report on patent litigation"

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  • (cur | prev) 16:47, 6 April 2014Ciaran (Talk | contribs). . (2,253 bytes) (+129). . (External links: * [http://opensource.com/law/13/9/software-patent-reform-gao-report Analysis by Mark Bohannon], 9 Sep 2013, '''opensource.com''') (undo)
  • (cur | prev) 15:06, 6 April 2014Ciaran (Talk | contribs). . (2,124 bytes) (+1,139). . (It should be noted that by being limited to litigation, this study ignores harm without litigation or direct threats, which is the biggest source of harm caused by software patents - most notably by blocking use of standards or other forms of compatib) (undo)
  • (cur | prev) 14:23, 6 April 2014Ciaran (Talk | contribs). . (985 bytes) (+125). . (<ref>http://comparativepatentremedies.blogspot.be/2014/04/patcon-4-patent-troll-debate.html</ref>) (undo)
  • (cur | prev) 14:10, 6 April 2014Ciaran (Talk | contribs). . (860 bytes) (+860). . (The authors of the 2013 report on '''Assessing Factors That Affect Patent Infringement Litigation Could Help Improve Patent Quality''', published by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO), studied patent litigation in the US from 2000-2010. Mo)