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(Related pages on {{SITENAME}}: * [http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/AboutParl/HowPWorks/Laws/ The legislative process] A "SOP" is a Supplementary Order Paper, which is an amendment.)
(:''The big hot topic is '''New Zealand Patents Bill 235'''. May 2013: new text might block software patents.'')
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{{infobox new zealand}}
{{infobox new zealand}}
:''The big hot topic is [[New Zealand Patents Bill 235]].  August 2012: the next text allows software patents.''
:''The big hot topic is '''[[New Zealand Patents Bill 235]]'''May 2013: new text might block software patents.''
==Patents Bill 2009 (as of 2012, still ongoing)==
==Patents Bill 2009 (as of 2012, still ongoing)==

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The big hot topic is New Zealand Patents Bill 235. May 2013: new text might block software patents.


[edit] Patents Bill 2009 (as of 2012, still ongoing)

(See also: New Zealand Patents Bill 235)

[edit] Unifying examination with Australia 2012

In 2012, the government published a the Building Innovation[1] report. The only relevant mention of patents was one general statement:

Passing the Patents Bill will align our patent laws more closely with those of our trading partners and international best practice.

"aligning with trading partners" could be a euphemism for taking orders from the USA, or it could be innocuous.

[edit] Patent office decisions

The Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) is responsible for examining patent applications.

In 2005, they approved an application for using a computer with an XML word-processor document, displayed with an XML Schema Definition, using software with the functionality of "parsing, modifying, reading, and creating the word-processor document".[2] [3]

To search for patents on the NZIPO website, go to their search page:

Then fill in one or more fields and go back to the top of the page and click "Submit query".

[edit] Legislative process

A "SOP" is a Supplementary Order Paper, which is an amendment.

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