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| [[Belgium]]||<span style="color:gray">Europe</span><span style="display:none">, Belgium</span>|| ||
| [[Belgium]]||<span style="color:gray">Europe</span><span style="display:none">, Belgium</span>|| ||
| [[Brazil]]||<span style="color:gray">Latin America</span><span style="display:none">, Brazil</span>|| ||
| [[Brazil]]||<span style="color:gray">Latin America</span><span style="display:none">, Brazil</span>|| || [[Talk:Discuss this wiki in Portuguese|PT:Português]]
| [[Canada]]||<span style="color:gray">North America</span><span style="display:none">, Canada</span>|| ||
| [[Canada]]||<span style="color:gray">North America</span><span style="display:none">, Canada</span>|| ||

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The following can be sorted by each column. For the continents, we've used the approximations which seemed most useful: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Oceania.

Country/region Continent Related pages Discussion
Argentina Latin America, Argentina
Australia Oceania, Australia EN:English
Belgium Europe, Belgium
Brazil Latin America, Brazil PT:Português
Canada North America, Canada
Chile Latin America, Chile
China, People's Republic of Asia, China, People's Republic of
Cuba Latin America, Cuba
European Union Europe, European Union Category:European Union
France Europe, France Category:France FR:Français
Germany Europe, Germany Category:Germany
India Asia, India
Ireland Europe, Ireland EN:English
Japan Asia, Japan Category:Japan JA:日本語
Malaysia Asia, Malaysia
Mexico Latin America, Mexico
New Zealand Oceania, New Zealand EN:English
Philippines Asia, Philippines
South Africa Africa, South Africa EN:English
South Korea Asia, South Korea
Switzerland Europe, Switzerland
USA North America, USA Category:USA EN:English
United Kingdom Europe, United Kingdom Category:United Kingdom EN:English
Uruguay Latin America, Uruguay
Venezuela Latin America, Venezuela