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(updated with new column and greyed continent)
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{| class="sortable" style="border:1px solid silver;"
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|- style="background-color:#eee;"
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| [[Argentina]]||<span style="color:gray">South America</span><span style="display:none">, Argentina</span>
| [[Argentina]]||<span style="color:gray">South America</span><span style="display:none">, Argentina</span>

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Sort alphabetically by continent Related
Argentina South America, Argentina
Australia Oceania, Australia
Belgium Europe, Belgium
Brazil South America, Brazil
Canada North America, Canada
Chile South America, Chile
China, People's Republic of Asia, China, People's Republic of
Cuba North America, Cuba
Europe Europe, Europe Category:European Union
France Europe, France
Germany Europe, Germany Category:Germany
India Asia, India
Ireland Europe, Ireland
Japan Asia, Japan
Malaysia Asia, Malaysia
Mexico North America, Mexico
New Zealand Oceania, New Zealand
Philippines Asia, Philippines
South Africa Africa, South Africa
South Korea Asia, South Korea
Switzerland Europe, Switzerland
USA North America, USA Category:USA
United Kingdom Europe, United Kingdom Category:United Kingdom
Uruguay South America, Uruguay
Venezuela South America, Venezuela