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"'''Bilski'''" is a series of court cases in the [[USA]], culminating in a [[Bilski ruling by US Supreme Court on 28 June 2010|Supreme Court ruling]] which had limited impact on the patentability of software.  The Bilski patent itself is a [[business method patent]], not a [[software patent]], but it was hoped that the court would give a ruling broad enough to affect the patentability of software.  The final outcome was disappointingly narrow.  
:''(You can follow our Bilski news in the [http://news.swpat.org/tag/bilski/ Bilski section] of news.swpat.org)''
"'''Bilski'''" an ongoing set of series of court cases that will change the patentability of software in the [[USA]].  The Bilski patent itself is a [[business method patent]], not a [[software patent]], but the court ruling will affect the patentability of software either directly or because it will replace previous rulings which affect the patentability of software.

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