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November 2014: About Microsoft’s patent licence for .NET core

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[edit] Todo

Here's a list of info to add, things to confirm, and issues that matter:

  • Is patent law set at the federal level or the regional level? (probably federal)
  • What are the names of courts/rulings that create precedent for all of Canada? (e.g. In the USA, the CAFC and Supreme Court create precedent that's binding for the whole country, but district courts, AFAICT, don't)
    • Did the two cases mentioned in the article create Canadian case law? Or were they local courts that create case law for one region? (the two cases: "Schlumberger Canada Ltd. v. Commissioner of Patents" and "Re Motorola Inc")
  • What international/bi-lateral treaties bind Canada in terms of patent law? TRIPS is one. Is there an FTA that deals with patent law? Others?
  • Are their other
  • Have their been protests/demonstrations about software patents?
  • Are there (other) court cases that upheld software patents?
  • Are there businesses, professors, or other respected people who've spoken out against patenting software?
  • Are there Canadian companies that have been harmed by software patents, in Canada or in another country?
  • Is there a French copy of the legislation? Of the court rulings that made national case law?

ACTA is also a big deal right now. It won't change whether software ideas are patentable or not, but it will make all patents much more powerful. I'll try to describe this problem more clearly soon. Ciaran 17:39, 16 March 2010 (UTC)