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November 2014: About Microsoft’s patent licence for .NET core

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Talk:Briefs submitted to EPO EBoA G3-08

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[edit] Nullmeier and Sterckx briefs

Interesting to see my statement (read here as PDF or HTML) being labeled as "unclear". Maybe my irate feelings were expressed too much as an undercurrent ;-) Anyway, the exclusions from patentability I proposed are effectively even a bit broader than those of some other anti-swpat briefs. M.N.

BTW, the Sterckx brief appears to be clearly pro-swpat, considering what it comes down to.

Hi. I hope I haven't misrepresented anyone's brief. There's thousands of pages in total, so I had to limit my evaluations to looking for key concepts. By "unclear", I probably just meant that with one or two minutes of reading, I couldn't be sure which way the brief was going. I'll do a more thorough review soon. Thanks for these pointers. And if there's anything in the article you want to change, go ahead. I started the page, but the goal is to be a general overview, so my interpretation is just one person's interpretation. Ciaran 11:07, 17 May 2009 (EDT)