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Talk:Bilski brainstorming

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[edit] Status of this page

What is this page still doing here? It seems to me that its content should either be deleted or completed. Since the brief is maintained elsewhere, I thought of making this page a redirect to that other brainstorming page Bilski 3, but then I thought - maybe Bilski brainstorming is a better name, and that page should be moved here. Any opinions? steelpillow 17:09, 9 January 2010 (UTC)

I've got some weak reasons to keep it hanging around :-)
  • Shows other campaigns that this wiki can be used as a drafting workspace
  • Records the drafting history - what was removed, the dates of the work
  • Gets search engine users onto the wiki
Seeing the loss caused by all the webpages that were deleted during the EU swpat campaign, I'm pretty averse to deleting things (even if the astute searcher could still find the texts in the archives). What do you think of the Template:archived solution?
I like it, provided you are happy for the archived pages to remain searchable by default. steelpillow 18:00, 10 January 2010 (UTC)