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November 2014: About Microsoft’s patent licence for .NET core

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Suggestions for interviewees

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End Software Patents will soon start publishing a series of interviews on news.swpat.org.

Who should be interviewed? What should they be asked?


[edit] Suggestions

[edit] Dan Ravicher

[edit] Someone from League for Programming Freedom

  • Was LPF the first anti-swpat organisation?
  • About what they achieved
    • Getting the duration of secrecy reduced to 18 months, IIRC
  • What was different in the early, back when today's megacorps were anti-swpat (1994 USPTO software patent hearings‎)

[edit] Erik Josefsson

Erik's been involved in lots of things, but his work is often under-publicised

  • The Patent Bay
  • What's happening now in the European Parliament
  • ACTA
  • Working with the Pirate Party

[edit] Benjamin Henrion

[edit] Someone from Hamakor?

[edit] Andrew Tridgell

  • His NZ talk
  • What's happening in Aus?

[edit] Karsten Gerloff

  • WIPO work he's done
  • The March 22nd meeting

[edit] Interviews posted so far