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November 2014: About Microsoft’s patent licence for .NET core

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This blank for should be used for listing patents. Please be polite when evaluating the reasons there is a problem with a patent, and try to edit like you would on Wikipedia. This is not an exercise in personal prowess, it's an attempt to argue for a systemic change in a rational manner.

To make a copy of this page click on "EDIT" at the top of this page, click inside the edit box, then use your "SELECT ALL" option in your browser, It is usually found under the browser's Edit menu. Then edit the Patent List page, adding the patent number, and click on it. It will take you to a new page, click inside the edit box, at which point you again go to your Edit Menu and select "PASTE" to paste the template into the new page, and edit in the details.

Everything from the period at the end of this sentence and above should be deleted.

US patent number ??????? Explanation of why patent is thought to be invalid USA. Note: this is not a software patent.


[edit] Patent Desciption


The Abstract as written on the USPTO Site

[edit] Reasoning

Reasoning of why the patent is probably invalid. Please include links if available which back up the assertion.

[edit] Final Note

Closing notes go in this section, including theories of why the patent may have been able to get past the examiners, and why backyard inventors may believe something works when it doesn't.

Do not change the section below, it includes links to aid people in navigating the site.

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